Zombo Town is an area in Death Road to Canada that can be accessed from the main menu from the "Unlocks" option. Its primary use is for players to spend accumulated Zombo Points on upgrading and unlocking Traits, Perks, and various other permanent unlockables. Zombo Points, by default, are gained whenever the player survives specific sieges and when they reach Canada, but other ways to gain Zombo Points can be obtained through Zombo Town.


Upon entering Zombo Town, the player will be placed in the middle of the street in front of two buildings. In front of the left building, a red robot can be talked to and will relay various information about Zombo Town.

Inside the left building, Rambeaux, the Debutante, a Head Swap Doctor, and The Last Bodybuilder will offer various unlockable Perks and Traits that can be bought for Zombo Points and utilized in the Custom Characters creation menu. Each Perk can be upgraded a number of times before it reaches max level, at which point it is no longer purchasable and more Perk options will arrive.

In the right building, a Mad Scientist will allow you to go through the tutorial again if you wish, and a Skeleton gives you the option to delete your Save Data or specific parts of it, such as your Custom Characters and spent Zombo Points. A blue robot is inside as well and can be talked to, displaying your save files statistics and your win streak.

Outside, there is a chance for a rodent to spawn which will run away upon being interacted with, and will lead you towards the house of an NPC known as Unomey. Unomey allows you to spend your Zombo Points for miscellaneous permanent upgrades, such as increasing the gas gained from Toilets and unlocking a special trader known as Tnomey who will appear in Trader Camps for you to spend Zombo Points on. The main usage of Unomey, however, is to spend Zombo Points on more ways to gain Zombo Points, making it easier and faster to progress through Zombo Town.

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