Zombie Watch is a Camping Event that the party can encounter. Someone must keep watch throughout the night to prevent nearby zombies from eating everyone.

This event features a unique option for a party size of one.

Event Text

It gets late, and there's no great place to camp. Solo zombies hobble around in the far distance, and one might sneak up on the group while they sleep.

Who should stay up on watch?

  • [Select Character]
  • [Group Only] Take shifts
  • [Solo Only] Sleep anyway


[Select Character]

[Character] stands watch for roving zombies.

Low Loyalty

[He/She] falls asleep almost instantly. [He/She] wakes up in the middle of being eaten.

[Whole Party] -1 health (Fatal)
[Character] Loyalty Revealed

Average / High Loyalty

[He/She] manages to stay awake, but feels groggy in the morning.

[Character] Tired
[Character] Loyalty Revealed


Take Shifts

The group takes turns sleeping during the night.

Team Size < 4

[Character] is very tired in the morning, and the others didn't sleep great either.

[Character] Tired
[Rest of Party] Tired (50% Chance each)

Team Size = 4

With a full group, there's enough people to still get plenty of sleep!

Nothing Happens


Sleep Anyway

[Character] decides to go to sleep, betting that the zombies won't find [him/her].

50% Chance

[He/She] sleeps through the night with no interruption.

Nothing Happens

50% Chance

[He/She] wakes up in the middle of being eaten by a small group of zombies. With no one to help [him/her], it's hard to break free.

[Character] -1 Health (Fatal) 
(50% chance to lose another 1 Health)

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