The zombie is a basic enemy that is found in all areas of the game, including trader camps (rarely). Zombies vary in style, shape, and size. A zombie's health can vary, sometimes making them hard to kill.

Once within a certain range of the player, a zombie will start chasing them. When the player is too close to a zombie, the player's character will show red question marks and exclamation points above their head. After being close to a zombie for too long, the player will start to take damage.

When attacked, a zombie can occasionally fall down and stay on the ground. While the zombie is down, a player can run next to them without being attacked. If The zombie will get up after a certain amount of time and will continue to chase the player.

While the zombie is chasing the player, if the player is to enter a room, the zombie will go through the doorway. If the player closes the door, then the zombie will proceed to break down the door.

If a character is bit by a zombie, there is a chance they will start bleeding. Zombies are able to chase the blood trail, even if the character is out of sight.

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