Woof is a Rare Character who can be found and recruited during a random Event. Woof is three dogs stacked upon each other in a trenchcoat. The dog posing as the head has a smoking pipe hanging from their mouth.

Woof joins with only 2 Vitality and Claw attack, similar to standard Dogs. No stats are revealed when he joins the team but his composure always starts at 3.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is driving down a quiet back road and sees a strange figure. It is hobbling around with no coordination. The figure is maybe intoxicated, or maybe wounded?

Upon Recruiting

The hobbling person sniffs the air for a bit while staring at the group. It takes a bit of struggling with the door, but eventually it gets in the car.

If Party is full

Should the team make room for this strange figure?



Woof rose high in life. No one ever figured out he was three dogs stacked on each other.

Special Abilities

When Woof is killed for the first time, he does not die. Woof will instead turn into a standard Dog party member (with the same face). If Woof dies during a scavenging mission, two additional dogs will appear also and follow the party around until the end of the current mission; If you have 2 additional slots left after the mission is over, you can keep these 2 dogs. If Woof dies due to an event (bandits, moose, etc.), the player will not be able to recruit the two dogs.

Woof uses Claw as bare-handed attack like normal dogs.


  •  Woof is referred to in the game files as 'dogman'.

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