The Windstar is a ranged Weapon that is featured in Death Road to Canada. It can be obtained via purchasing it from the Anime Salesman for 15 food. It is a large throwable shuriken that returns after being thrown, operating similar to the Valkyrie's hammer. It can be stacked up to 2 per stack.

The Windstar can bounce off walls and zombies up to 4 times, after that it drops to the ground, having you to pick it up again. If you throw it and enter a building it will keep flying and able to catch it, it is useful for safely clearing an exit covered by zombies.


  • Traders are able to catch it while its flying if it crosses its patch, wasting the windstar unless you kill it to get it back.
  • if you leave it in a room full of zombies, it can dissapear, however the number of zombies in the same room must be huge, closing to NO HOPE sieges.
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