Who can be trusted? is an a common event.

Event Text

The group spots a group of bandits that have set up a checkpoint on the road. Someone from the team could be sent to distract the bandits so (the?) car can get through. It would have to be someone calm and trustworthy.

  • [character]
  • Plow the car through!



(with Low Loyalty)

[Character] is sent to distract the bandits so they leave their car checkpoint.

[Character] instantly turns on everyone and joins the bandits instead.

[Character] has left the team!

The group is attacked! They attempt to escape..

  • -1 health (everyone)

(with High loyalty)

[Character] is sent to distract the bandits so they leave their car checkpoint.

[Character] doesn't sell everyone out to the bandits! She/he distracts them from afar and runs. They give chase, and the car is able to get past.

[Character] panics while retreating. She/he ends up not following the plan right, and gets hurt! (?? Chance/Test)

  • [Character] -1 Health

[Character] sneaks around the checkpoint later, and rejoins everyone.

  • [Character]'s loyalty revealed

Plow the car through!

The group decides to plow the car right through the checkpoint.

They take a lot of damage, but survive.

  • -1 health or -2 health (everyone)
  • Vehicle takes damage, may break down completely.

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