The Weapons Barterer is a Trader who can be found in Trader Camps. She will offer to trade Food for certain Weapons.

The Weapons Barterer will be standing in front of a tent, usually at the entrance of Trader Camps.

She will not take every weapon; only uncommon/rare weapons can be traded for food. Uncommon weapons (like the Aluminium Bat or Dolt 45) will typically net the player 1 food, while rarer weapons (like the Chainsaw) can be traded for 3 or more.

Bandits, Berserkers, and other suitable personality types can rob this trader.

Encounter Text

The group sees a woman standing near a stockpile of crates. The crates seem to contain a large amount of food and drink.

I got food! I'm looking for some great weapons!

She takes a look at what [Character] is carrying...


  • The Weapons Barterer was added in the March 22, 2017 Update.