Weapon Stealing Bandits is a common Driving Event that the player can encounter. A member of the team will be given 4 options to choose from to alleviate the encounter.

Event Text

As the group explores a campsite, they are ambushed by bandits. They brandish makeshift weapons. They demand all of your weapons. This is ludicrous. Not even bandits will usually do this, as it's a slow but sure death sentence.

  • Fight the bandits!
  • [Character] tells Bandits to 'Cool It'
  • [Charming character] offers a compromise
  • [Paranoid character] saw this coming
  • [Character] quickdraws and shoots (available if character has very high Shooting and Composure)
  • Give up all of the weapons!


Fight the bandits!

The group decides to take their chances in a fight. The bandits' weapons are crude, but they're still dangerous.

[Whole Party] -1 Health (Lethal)

[Character] tells Bandits to 'Cool It'

If 'Cool It' is not maxed

The bandits all start attacking [Character]. They forget about the weapons.

[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)
[Character] Wits Revealed

If 'Cool It' is maxed

Yeah! Who needs weapons when we got friendship?

[Whole Party] +3 Morale

[Whole Party] Training in Strength, Fitness, or Shooting

[Charming character] offers a compromise

[Character] offers a compromise to the bandits. The group will leave something the bandits want on the road, then drive away. No harm will come to either side.

The supplies will be:

  • [X] Food
  • Half your ammo
  • Your extra gas tanks
  • Half your medical supplies
[Party] Loses the items given
  • SEE YA, NERDS! (If Charming character has low Loyalty)
    • [Character] tricks the bandits. While they wait for supplies to be dropped, the group runs into the car and peels out.
    • The bandits manage to shoot the car as it's speeding away! They only have time to graze it. The car gets an extra hole or two added to it, and is otherwise fine.
Car's chassis is slightly damaged

[Character] comes to the rescue

[Character] felt suspicious about the campsite, so they wanted to wait near the car.

As the group is being robbed, the car barrels through the campsite, plows over a tent, and then stops. The bandits are freaked out, so they flee!

[Party] Morale +1

[Character] quickdraws and shoots

[Character] aims their weapon at lightning speeds and blasts all the bandits' flimsy weapons apart!

The bandits start running.

  • [Character] Composure revealed

Give up all of the weapons!

The group ends up giving all of their weapons to the bandits. The bandits give them some old weapons, maybe feeling some guilt.

[Party] -2 Morale
All weapons are lost
Gain weapons: Parking Meter (1), Nail Board (3), Fishing Pole (1), Rebar (2)