Weapon Stealing Bandits is a common Driving Event that the player can encounter. A member of the team will be given 4 options to choose from to alleviate the encounter.

Event Text

As the group explores a campsite, they are ambushed by bandits. They brandish makeshift weapons. They demand all of your weapons. This is ludicrous. Not even bandits will usually do this, as it's a slow but sure death sentence.

  • Fight the bandits!
  • [Character]: tells Bandits to 'Cool It'
  • [Charming character] offers a compromise
  • Give up all of the weapons!


Fight the bandits!

The group decides to take their chances in a fight. The bandits' weapons are crude, but they're still dangerous.

[Whole Party] -1 Health (Lethal)

[Character] tells Bandits to 'Cool It'

If 'Cool It' is not maxed

The bandits all start attacking [Character]. They forget about the weapons.

[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)
[Character] Wits Revealed

If 'Cool It' is maxed

Yeah! Who needs weapons when we got friendship?

[Whole Party] +3 Morale

[Whole Party] Training in Strength, Fitness, or Shooting

[Charming character] offers a compromise

[Character] offers a compromise to the bandits. The group will leave something the bandits want on the road, then drive away. No harm will come to either side.

The supplies will be:

  • [X] Food
  • Half your ammo
  • Your extra gas tanks
  • Half your medical supplies
[Party] Loses the items given

Give up all of the weapons!

All weapons are lost

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