The Tetrographic Vortex is a rare driving event.

Event Text

[character] notices a geometrically impossible vortex forming in front of the moving car.

It hovers a few feet in front of the bumper at speed, humming ominously.

  • Drive through it
  • [character]: CALCULATE ITS VECTORS
  • [character]: Fight it!
  • Don't mess with it!


Note that any character that passes through the vortex will have his/her stats and personality scrambled. It will also reverse your characters name. (For example, if your name was Austin, it will be nitsuA.)

Drive through the Vortex!

  • All party members receive the buff


Car takes damage. All characters become different in appearance, and all their names turn backward.

[character]: Fight it!

  • Character turns into a dog

[character]: Calculate its vectors.

  • Chosen character will be throw into the Vortex and receive the buff!

Drive away!

  • You drive away safely

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