Main Release Version History

Version history for main releases. Version history for other releases of the game (mobile soon) are linked below.

Main version releases are named and sorted using the names of different body parts (like SPLEEN or AORTA).

You can see all the alpha, beta, test, and post-release updates here, on the steam news page. It is here for a more organized look, and as an emergency archive.

PC Updates

Version Unofficial Name Notes
11/30/17 EYEBALL EYEBALL Update (Part Two) - Golden ZP Skulls

- New events: Cursed Treasure, Chainsaw Hand Replacement, Sewer Rodent, DMV

- New Characters: Earnestine and Tortuga

- New weapons: Sai, Chainsaw Hand, Double Barrel Shotgun, Farmer's Shotgun

- More minor gameplay tweaks

10/28/17 EYEBALL EYEBALL Update (Part One) - Lots of new random events

- Minor changes to the AI

- Various gameplay tweaks





- New Lighting System

- Fire Changes

- New Locations: Burning Building, Raging Inferno, Farm, Pig Farm, Chicken Farm, Gothic Farm, Dark Mansion, Haunted Mansion, Frozen Friend, Secret Mansion, Toy Store

- New Cheevos

- New Music tracks

- New Barricading Feature

- New Characters: Pig, Pirate Captain, Caveman, Pyromaniac, Bee Mann, Wood Woman, Giga Guy, Puppy/Kitten, Bard, Scientist

- New Rare Traders: Nerd, Chicken

- New Traders: Handy Tools Salesman, Silent Guns Merchant

- New Rare Trader Camps: Bunker Lab, Shopping Center, Renaissance Faire, SWOLE MOUNTAIN

- 43 New Weapons

- Changes to existing Weapons

- Fireproof Trait

- Multiple tweaks and fixes

- Throwable trashcans added to maps.

6/30/17 Unannounced July Holidays Update - Added 4th July Event + Uncle Sam & Muscle Eagle.

- Added 1st July Event + Beaver now recruitable.

6/16/17 COCCYX COCCYX Update - New Zombo Points unlock system.

- New Zombo Town location.

- Epilogues added to Game Ending for surviving characters.

- New Characters: Sleepy Trader, Bort, Just Like Bart, H*NK, Samedi, Kaiju, Nimbus Ordeal, Battle Rodent, Bogan

- New Events: Lost Sneezing Remedy, Battle of Garbage Mountain, GameBronus event, Giant Spider Ambush, Strange Vending Machine

- New Rare Event: VHS tapes

- New Perks: Top Seller, Pathfinder, Hidden Potential, Trademark Weapon, Natural Shot, Shield of Hope, T*S*T*C

- New Traits: Travel Light, Specialist, Grappler, Hero Type, Anime Fan, Sound Sleeper, City Seeker, Tiny Eater, Gourmand, Phoenix

- New Trader Camp Trader: Tnomey

- New Unlocks Trader: Unomey

- New Weapons: Sturdy Cleaver, Ded9

- New Character-specific weapons

- UI and System Changes

- Various Misc changes

- Lots of small fixes

4/20/17 BRAINSTEM Minor Fixes Update - Some fixes for the AI.

- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

3/22/17 BRAINSTEM Mobile Release Update - Mobile version launched!

- New traders: Weapons Barterer and Polearm Pal.

- New rare trader: the Skeleton Knight.

- Ultimate Sports Fan added.

- New weapons: Modern Spear, Bardiche, Stick Boot, Poolcue Spear, Sports Horn, #1 Foam Hand, Skull Hammer, Gladius, Bomb Skull.

- Shovel no longer breaks.

- Some trading prices reduced.

- Various bug fixes.

2/26/17 AORTA Minor Fixes Update - Cheevo icon is now a skull.

- Some fixes for the AI.

- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

1/29/17 AORTA AORTA Update - Cheevos (Achievements) added.

- New final Trader Camp before reaching Canada.

- Characters can now be recruited from Trading Camps.

- Some Rare Characters can be recruited from Trading Camps.

- Weegee Board event added.

- Dog Poop event added.

- New rare traders: Alien, Head Swap Doctor, Rare Book Trader, Wizard, Lynn C. Thompson and Witch.

- Goats!

- Baby Pets can be found (for Kickstarter supporters only)

- Blunt Master.

- Cat Lady and her cats.

- Debutante added, with a purse.

- A special cat (Oscar) and dog (Sam Byool).

- New Weapons: Claw Hammer, Ballpeen Hammer, Rubber Mallet, Screwdriver, Scissors, Scalpel, Tire Iron, Air Horn, Tennis Racket, Oar, Ice Pick, Knitting Needle, Purse, Shiv, Fire Poker, Pool Cue and MEGAMAUL.

- Ouchie Spray added.

- Forest areas contain Branches and Logs.

- Special death quotes for dogs, cats and goats.

- LOTS of bug fixes!

10/29/16 SPLEEN Halloween Update

- Cats, new pet type. Meow.

- New special events.

- Future support for pets, allowing mods new possibilities.

- Characters can float, allowing mods new possibilites.

- "Halloween Weirdness."

- Vampires, Mummies, and Dancing Skeletons.

- Scythe weapon.

- Graveyard location.

- TERRIFYING trader.

- Bug fixes.

10/20/16 SPLEEN Follower AI Update

- AI changes for all AI, including zombies.

- New pathfinding system, including around zombies.

- Follow orders better.

- AI values better weapons more than worse weapons.

8/22/16 SPLEEN Always be Looting Update

- Drive to another location system revamped/removed.

- Explorer perk changes.

- Better fullscreen resolution calls.

- DSYP changes.

- Toilet Genie changes.

8/18/16 SPLEEN Minor Fixes Update

- Different cursor for keyboard/controller ingame.

- Multiple tweaks to throwables.

- The Curse of Anime can be removed now.

8/16/16 SPLEEN #2 Minor Fixes Update

- Controllers controls are now more stable and have less bugs.

- Fixed some event bugs.

- Revamped/Fixed collision on multiple things, mainly throwables.

8/16/16 SPLEEN #1 Minor Fixes Update

Typo fixes.

Multiple event and character changes and fixes.

Slightly tweaked ending.

Controllers are now more stable in general and have less bugs.

Collision and AI work.

8/12/16 SPLEEN Bugfixes, Perks, and AI Update

Multiple bug fixes.

AI and collision changes.

Martial Artist, Big Bruiser, and Gun Collector perk added.

Multiple perk effects changed.

More AI fixes including removing some cars from an event.

Multiple weapon changes.

Lots of Rare Character changes.

Tweaked generation of multiple areas to make it more AI friendly.

8/4/16 SPLEEN Orders Update

Added multiple orders to give to AI when going on missions.

Lots of UI changes to the menu before going on a mission.

Rare character tweaks and graphics tweaks.

Weapon tweaks mainly to throwables and AI picking up.

Bug fixes.

8/2/16 SPLEEN Minor Fixes Update

CO-OP changes and heart reports!

Cheaper weapons at trading camps.

Changed merchants and city generation.

Bug fixes and multiple tweaks.

7/30/16 SPLEEN Minor Fixes Update

More HATS!

New UI changes and tweaks.

Better error logging and loot report.

Bug fixes.

7/28/16 SPLEEN Balance and Features Update

New healing system.

Lots of balance changes, including less car breakdown RNG.

UI features and support for 64 custom characters.

Pathfinding tweaks.

Zweihander added.

Lots of bug fixes and more small tweaks.

7/23/16 SPLEEN Minor Fixes Update

Multiple bug fixes, including crash fixes.

Typo fixes.

Mobile Updates

Version Notes
1.05 - PC version's COCCYX update now available for mobile.
1.04 - Apple Replay streaming added

- Many minor tweaks to improve gameplay

1.02 - Added MFi controller support

- Various tweaks and bug fixes

1.01 - PC version's BRAINSTEM update is now available for mobile.
1.0 - Mobile version launched!