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Various vehicles featured in the 'Hot Dog Launch Trailer' on the official website.

Vehicles are the primary means in which your party travels to Canada. Each vehicle has a set of Vehicle Stats (Speed, Durability, Gas Cost, Repair Value) which will determine how it behaves in relation to various events and player choices.

If the party's vehicle is lost for any reason the party will be forced to Walk.

Vehicles can be found via scavenging at Locations that mention 'with a car' or through random events.

If your party is presently Walking the next scavenging event to occur will be guaranteed to have a car.

Regular VehiclesEdit

Name Speed Durability Gas cost Repair
Old Car (Starter) Average Average 10 4
Van Slow Extremely High 16 3
Putt Putt Slow Very Low 10 2
Station Wagon Average Average 10
Muscle 1 High Average 12
Muscle 2 High Average 12
Hybrid 1 Average Low 6 5
Hybrid 2 Average Low 6 5
Grandpa Average High 16 3
Bug Average Low 8 4
Hotrod Average Very Low 8 4
SUV Slow High 14 4
Food Truck Slow Very High 16 3
Classic Car Average High 12 2

Special VehiclesEdit

Name Speed Durability Gas cost Repair
Dog Van Slow High 14 4
Pesticide Van Slow High 14 4
Police Car High High 14 4
Wiener Mobile Slow Extremely High 18 4
UFO High Average 0 (no fuel) 6
Icecream Van Slow High 14 4
Clown Car Average Low 8 4
Rusty Truck Average High 16 3
Snow Plow Average High 16 3

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