Vehicle Stats refer to the capabilities of certain Vehicles. Information on these can be found here:


The speed of a vehicle needs to be high for it to be able to successfully make jumps. Lower values will result in damage or outright destruction of the vehicle. Speed is used to calculate the gas cost for detours.


This is the total damage the vehicle can take. The durability of a vehicle can be lost during events or through sustained hits from zombies or players. As time goes on the car will sustain occasional passive damage from the ruined roads.

Gas Cost

Gas Cost varies from vehicle to vehicle. It is effectively the value of Gas that is lost when the car ticks over. If your Gas resource runs out the car will drift to a stop and you will be forced to Walk. The frequency of the Gas Cost being taken is determined by the Speed.

Repair Value

Every Vehicle has a hidden repair value. If the car breaks down, the character who attempts to fix the vehicle will be able to repair it 100% of the time if their Mechanical level is higher than this repair value. If their level equals the repair value, they will do a skill check and succeed or fail depending on the result. Any attempt to repair from a character with a Mechanical level below the repair value will always fail.

Sometimes characters will be able to hit the car in an attempt to repair it. This will do a stat check of their Strength versus the repair value. This can work if there is no able mechanic in the party. If the Strength of the character is higher than the durability of the car however, the punch will cause it to catch fire and the car will still be lost.

Every time a car is successfully 'fixed' the repair value will increase by one. This makes it harder to repair the next time around.

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