The Valkyrie is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited during an Event. She is depicted as a Norse warrior lady with a winged helmet.

The Valkyrie is sent to aid you by Thor, she insists it's not a big deal and the party should just accept it. She is the only character who can wield the Mjollin'er, should any other character attempts to pick up the weapon it will display the message ''NOT WORTHY'' and it will be dropped instantly.

Once recruited her Strength and Fitness stats are revealed.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The clouds part and a rainbow appears. A valkyrie rides a unicorn down the rainbow. You've been slaying tons of stuff. I've been sent here by Thor and crap to help you out on your quest. This really isn't a big deal so don't question it.

Upon Recruitment

Valkyrie dramatically raises her hammer. Lightning strikes it! The rest of the team is nearly deaf and can't see most colors for the rest of the day.

If Party is full

Valkyrie notices that your group is full. Well, someone's gunna have to leave. She throws her hammer and thunks [Character] right in the skull. [Character] has left the team!


Valkyrie returned back to Valhalla, but not before throwing her hammer at a lot of important monuments.

Special Abilities

Valkyrie can throw her hammer Mjollin'er. This allows her to dispatch zombies at range.


  •  If you accept Valkyrie's offer with a full party, you won't get to decide who is kicked out.
  •  The Valkyrie is likely a direct reference to the Valkyries, mythical creatures of Norse mythology. They were believed to be responsible of choosing those who would fall in battle and those that would survive.
  •  Valkyrie bears some resemblance to Marvel's version of Thor, who more recently became a woman as part of the universe's canon.

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