The Ultimate Sports Fan (named "Sports" once recruited) is a recruitable Rare Character that can be rescued during an ABL event or found in a Trader Camp. They can vary in appearance but will always have a baseball cap.

The Ultimate Sports Fan uses a special Air Horn (in game is named the "Sports Horn") and a #1 Foam Hand. The Foam Hand can not be unequipped, but the Sports Horn can be and Ultimate Sports Fan only has 2 inventory slots as opposed to the usual 3. The Sports Horn has 60 charges (instead of the usual 30 for Air Horns) and gets fully recharged each time it's on a character that goes on a mission such as an ABL or Siege event (even if a character other than Ultimate Sports Fan has the Sports Horn), making it an extremely effective AoE knockdown weapon for support, even though it does no damage.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter


The group meets the Ultimate Sports Fan. She is holding a limited edition air horn and it looks like she is about to BLAST IT!

I love sports. Even in the post-zombocalypse.

Upon Recruiting


You say that you also love sports. The Ultimate Sports Fan bonds with you instantly due to shared interests.

Special Abilities

Sports has no special abilities outside of their special Sports Horn.


  • Sports' stats can vary completely, no stats are guaranteed
  • Can be male or female.

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