Tree in the Road is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The way ahead has a big tree lying across it. It looks like someone cut it down to block the road. It would take a group of strong people to move it safely!

The group decides to:

  • Take a detour
  • Plow through
  • Lift the Tree
  • SHOOT IT (available if the group has several guns)


The outcome of this event seems to rely on the entire team's stats. However, only those whose stats are too low complete the task will receive penalties.

Take a detour

  • Gas penalty, amount of gas can vary depending of how much time the detour takes

Plow through

  • Car takes some damage

Lift the Tree

Low strength

  • -1 health
  • -1 morale
  • strength revealed

High strength

  • No Penalty


The group decides to whip out the guns and fire at the dead tree.

High shooting

The plan somehow works! The tree is blown apart.

  • -30 pistol ammo, -20 rifle ammo, -10 shotgun ammo

Low shooting

  • Group decides to plow through, car takes damage