Tree in the Road is a driving event.

Event Text

The way ahead has a big tree lying across it. It looks like someone cut it down to block the road. It would take a group of strong people to move it safely!

The group decides to:

  • Take a detour
  • Plow through
  • Lift the Tree


The outcome of this event seems to rely on the entire team's stats. However, only those whose stats are too low complete the task will receive penalties.


  • Gas penalty, amount of gas can vary depending of how much time the detour takes

Plow through

  • Car takes some damage

Lift the Tree

Low strength

  • -1 health
  • -1 morale
  • strength revealed

High strength

  • No Penalty


High shooting

  • -30 pistol ammo, -20 rifle ammo, -10 shotgun ammo

Low shooting

  • Group decides to plow through, car takes damage

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