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Traits are the personality of a survivor. They each have advantages and disadvantages which can help on the party's trip to Canada.

Certain traits will guarantee Stat Combos.

Bandit Edit

Being untrustworthy can be an asset in the post-apocalypse.

  • Rip others off
  • Rip the group off
  • Ticking time bomb


Destroy all zombies! Never retreat! Oh no, I got bit!

  • 4 points to strength, fitness, and shooting!!
  • Can go one over the maximum for the above stats!!!
  • Super low personality stats! Dies in one bite!!

Due to the low personality stats, the BERSERK! trait also lets you tell people to "Cool it". (See Irritating trait)

Calm Under Fire Edit

Calm and collected. Useful when firing into a horde!

  • Very calm due to high composure
  • 1 extra point in shooting

Charming Edit

From perception of others, a good attitude, and pure charisma, there's something about this person that opens doors!

  • Charms way into free stuff or out of bad situations
  • Can't charm way out of everything

Civilized Edit

Retains old values before world went crazy. This is good and bad.

  • Super high loyalty and personality stats!
  • 3 points to medical and mechanical skills!!
  • Permanent and significant morale penalty!!

Fierce Tempered Edit

Someone's got a bad temper! The aggression can come in handy.

  • 1 extra point in strength
  • Bad temper due to low composure
  • Temper can sometimes be good

Frantic Whiner Edit

Kind of a fragile sort. But really good at fleeing!

  • Run speed bonus!
  • Takes one less hit then normal
  • Bad attitude

Characters with a Frantic Whiner trait may cause a drop in morale for other members of the group and will often spout negative statements. At a low morale they are likely to lash out and argue with other members and may force an event where they would like a member to be booted out of the group or else they will leave instead. They also have a higher starting dexterity value than most characters.

Inventive Edit

Comfortable with machinery, such as cars.

  • 2 points mechanical!
  • Great wits checks!
  • May need more practice to repair car

Irritating Edit

This person thinks they're soooooo cool. But they're not! They're just annoying!

  • Tell people to 'Cool it'
  • Anger pretty much everybody

Telling people to "Cool it" is usually unadvised, as negative things will usually happen, however, there are rare cases where "Cool it" is very beneficial to the whole group, not just the irritating person.

Saying "Cool it" enough times will give 'cool it points' and eventually result in a flashing "Cool it!!!" option. This option will remove all negative results and instead have good or amazing results. Using the "Cool it!!!" option will reset the 'cool it points'.

Mysterious Past Edit

This person... has a mysterious past......

  • 3 points given to fight skills at random
  • Randomized and extreme personality!

Nurturing Edit

Always thinking of others! Somehow not zombie food yet.

  • 2 points medical!
  • Great attitude!
  • May be an act

Oblivious Edit

A great outlook on life combined with not being very perceptive allows for some magical feats of denial!

  • May ignore despair
  • Bad rolls for perception and wits

Characters with Oblivious traits start with higher morale. They experience slower morale depreciation. When at a low morale, there is a chance for an event to occur where they decide "It's not as bad as it seems!" and will gain a morale boost along with one or two random skill boosts.

Paranoid Edit

A combination of high perception and extreme pessimism lets someone brace for the worst!

  • May identify traits in new recruits
  • Always on the lookout for danger
  • Can be a real grumpus

Paranoid characters can find solutions to dangerous events. For example, they have ready-made plans to escape Bandits and Apartment Fire events with little to no harm or loss.

When finding new recruits, they can tell if the recruit is lying about their skills or not. However, they are least trusting of others and will not be as willing to receive help or supplies from strangers––such as the Creepy Hotel Owner event.

Their negativity tends to cause a drop in morale with other members of the group. At a very low morale, Paranoid characters become more likely to lash out and fight other members of the group. They may force an event where they would like a member to be booted or else they instead will leave the group.

Practical Edit

Has a variety of useful skills, but is kind of boring.

  • 3 points given to fight skills at random
  • 3 points given to support skills at random
  • Boring personality

Resilient Type Edit

Really tough! The muscle! Not a long term planner.

  • Takes one more hit than normal
  • Bad wits rolls

Warrior Edit

Good start on zombie thwacking skills, with a nondescript personality.

  • 2 points more strength!
  • 2 points more fitness!
  • Boring personality

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