Traffic Jam is a driving event. The outcome may depend of the type of vehicle being driven.

Event Text

A sea of cars blocks the road ahead. The pileup is so bad that there is no obvious way through.

  • [character]: Aggressive offroading!
  • [character]: Find a new route
  • [character]: Benchpresses a car
  • Abandon car and walk


[character]: Aggressive offroading!

[Character] plows through the shoulder near the road.  With a combination of being pissed and perceptive, the car doesn't crash.

  • [Character]composure revealed.
  • [Character]morale increase +1

Note: Tested/succeeded with character traits:

  • great [5] wits, worst [0] attitude, and worst [0] composure.
  • best [6] wits, best [6] attitude, and terrible [1] composure.

Note: Tested/failed with character traits, resulting in -1 health (lethal):

  • worst [0] wits, worst [0] attitude, and worst [0] composure.

[character]: Find a new route

  • Low wits (wits revealed)
    • [character with low wits] -1 morale
    • vehicle may take damage
  • High wits (wits revealed)
    • [character with high wits] +1 morale
    • random amount of gas lost
  • Explorer perk

[character]: Benchpresses a car

[Character] bench presses a ruined car.  This accomplishes little for clearing the wreckage, and your car still has to be abandoned.

Car Abandoned!

  • [Character] Strength +1

Abandon car and walk

  • Car Abandoned!