Trader Camps are Locations that can be visited regularly while driving.

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A variation of a Trading Camp.

The party can find a number of different Characters in Trader Camps ranging from: Traders, that the party can purchase weapons, training, or healing from - to recruits that can be familiar or randomly generated.

Some loot can also occasionally be found in houses at Trader camps - usually in the form of a single weapon or some general supplies.

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Some Trader Camps will contain a campfire with tents around it. Interacting with the campfire will allow you to rest at the camp for a few days, food and medical supplies will be taken as required. If the party doesn't have enough food for the camping period they will still suffer the Morale penalty.

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NPCs at Trader camps can be damaged with explosives. They will not drop their held items upon death as of an update on the 7th on Jan 2017.

Very occasionally you can find zombies at the Trader Camp as well. They will be attacked by the NPCs if they are spotted but can kill a player with low health if they are not paying close enough attention.

When the party gets close to the Canadian border (1 in-game day from reaching Canada), they will reach a final trading camp; this camp is uniquely designed (with a perimeter wall, armed guards and a large group of skeletons along the edge of the road) and contains more Traders and recruitable characters than the others. This gives players a last chance to get any needed weapons or supplies before reaching the Final Siege.

Unique Trading Camps

As of the DUODENUM update, there are several unique, pre-made trading camps that the party may randomly encounter. These include:

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