• This post is mostly for Moon and NekoJadey but it applies to anyone who wants to use it to help expand the wikia or just to cheat.

    So, I wanted to tell everyone how I hack DR2C. I use a free program called Cheat Engine. How it works is, it looks into a program of your choosing and it shows you all the values going on in the program. You search for a specific value you want and you can edit it. For example, say I want to edit Food. I have to find the value that Food is stored with. But the tricky part is, There are millions and millions of values of nearly every number. So if I have 15 food, if I scan for 15 food, maybe 50 different values will come up. But there is a way around this. So I scan for 15 food as my first scan, then in the game I go scavenging, and for example find 2 food. I pause the game and go back into Cheat Engine. I change the scan type to "Compare to first scan" and type 17 becuase I now have 17 food. This will make it scan for something that was 15 the first time, but changed to 17 this time. More than super likely only one value will can up, and the address should be green. (Green addresses means that the value is static. The black ones change every single time you open the program, usually green ones are the ones your looking for.) I double click said address and it is put into my "table" of addresses. I can then double click the value to the far right, and change it to anything I want! If I type 99999 I will have 99999 Food in-game! There will also be a check mark box next to it, which when selected, will make the program force the value to always be what you set it to. For example if bandits take some food from me, it will emmedialty change my food count back to 99999. This is useful for changing health, because if you check the box, when you take damage it will just be set back to before, effectively making you invincible.

    So you can save cheat "tables" that you make and import them into cheat engine. I have made my own table for DR2C. I presume that you can trigger events with this method, by scanning for 0, then when you encounter, say, the Toilet Genie (as you asked me about, Moon), the value would change to 1 so you could scan for "Compared to first scan" for 1, and you would find it. I wanted to give you guys this to help you out trying to expand the wiki and so you can help me make this hack better.

    So to install, look up Cheat Engine download and go to their website and download and install the program, (it's only on Windows by the way) then download the .CT file here and open the file with Cheat engine. It will open cheat engine, (always allow access to computer, this just allows it to read other programs) and press the little glowing button in the top left corner and select prog.exe (assuming you have DR2C open, if not just open it and prog.exe will show up) and then happy hacking!

    If you find the value for anything important please press the save button and overwrite the old file and send it to me so I can make it better, I appreciate any help.

    P.S. Do some (if not all) of the tutorial that comes with Cheat Engine so you can get the hang of the program, just sayin'!

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