They're all wearing sweat bands is a common event.

Event Text

They're all wearing sweat bands

Bandits appear, all wearing sweatbands and all super buff, even their dog. They demand protein powder!

They will also accept the remainder of your food and a quarter of your ammo and medical supplies.

  • Give in to bandit demands
  • [character] challenges them to a pose-off
  • [character] asks what's up with outfits
  • [character] tells them to "COOL IT"
  • Refuse and fight!


Give in to demands

  • -15 food (or whatever is demanded)
  • [everyone] -1 morale

[character] pose-off

Low strength

  • [Everyone] -1 morale
  • -Random supplies (more than just giving in to demands)

High strength

  • +2 morale

[character] what's up with the outfits (oblivious)

[Character] asks the buff bandits about their SWEATBANDS and CONSTANTLY LIFTING DUMBBELLS WHILE TALKING.

The bandits talk about an amazing lost tradition of BODYBUILDING that was lost when civilization fell.

They show what they mean in an inspiring muscle exhibition. In the process, the bandits forget about robbing the group.

  • No loss of supplies.
  • [Whole Party] morale increases +1
  • [Character] wits revealed if hidden.

[character] tells them to "COOL IT"

[Character]  Tells the buff bandits to COOL IT.

The bandits are enraged by this negative attatude, and take out their anger on the group's car.

They all punch it bare handed, doing some serious damage.

  • [Everyone] -1 Morale
  • Car takes a lot of damage.

The buff bandits run off flexing. Even the dog.


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