While riding in the car, you may encounter this event. The text reads "in [character]'s place now sits THE DEMON HEKATRIUS. He asks if you have pizza. He could really use a hot slice."

There are two options.

Option 1 - offer him a bag of chips (-1 food)

If you offer Hekatrius a bag of chips, the text will read "the chips were pizza flavored. GOOD ENOUGH. HEKATRIUS asks for a soul to wash it down with. WHO WILL BE SACRIFICED?"

There are two options:

  • choose a character to sacrifice; or
  • uh, sacrifice no one.

Sacrificing a character

If you sacrifice a character, that character will be killed. At least one remaining character will be given the following stat increases.

  • +1 strength;
  • +1 fitness; and
  • -1 morale

Uh, sacrifice no one

the [character] will be released, with the following stat increases. This choice is chosen automatically if you are alone.

  • +1 strength;
  • +1 fitness; and
  • -1 morale

The character's skin also turns bright red and they have an unremovable Devil Fork weapon in their first slot.

Option 2 - freak out

The group freaks out!

HEKATRIUS freaks out for awhile! He then morphs back into [character], who then explodes!

[Character] is KILLED!

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