The Morning Moose is a Camping Event. The party encounters an injured Moose outside their camp. What will they do?

Event Text

In the morning, there's a moose outside the camp! it looks injured, and is just glaring at the group.

Even injured, a moose is a really powerful creature. Probably best not to mess with it.

  • Leave moose alone
  • (Highest Medical) [Character] treats its injury
  • (Highest Shooting) [Character] shoots the moose
  • (Highest Strength) [Character] wrestles the moose


Leave moose alone

Nothing Happens


[Character] treats its injury

[Character] tries to help the injured moose.
If the party has no Medical supplies see No Medical Supplies.

Medical Check:


[He/She] patches it up a little. The moose is too confused by this gesture of kindness to maul [him/her].

[Party] -1 Medical supplies
[Character] Medical Revealed
[Character] Loyalty Revealed
[Character] +1 Loyalty


[He/She] doesn't know much about caring for a moose and ends up angering it! The moose flings out a hard kick to [him/her].

[Character] -1 Morale
[Character] -1 Health (Fatal)

No Medical supplies

[Character] forgot that there were no medical supplies! The moose appreciates the gesture anyway, so it only mauls [him/her] half as hard for getting close.

[Character] -1 Health (Fatal)


[Character] shoots the moose

[Character] tries to shoot the moose. This isn't very sportsmanlike!
If the party has no gun see No Ranged Weapon.

Shooting Check:

Success [Automatic success if high Shooting skill]

[He/She] blasts the moose. The group gets what stringy meat they can from it before having to leave.

[Character] Shooting Revealed
[Party] +12 Food


[He/She] whiffs the shot! The moose is not happy about this, and stomps [him/her] up real bad.

[Character] Shooting Revealed
[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)

No Ranged Weapon

[The group] doesn't have any sort of weapon that shoots! The moose and [Character] have a good chuckle. Then the moose starts mauling everyone.

[Whole Party] -2 Health (Fatal)


[Character] wrestles the moose

[Character] wrestles the moose! Arms lock with hooves in a test of strength and willpower!

Strength Check:

Success [Automatic success if high Strength skill]

[He/She] wins this pointless contest! It's a triumph over nature. The moose seethes over the loss and saunters away.

[Character] +1 Strength 
(if Strength is less than 5)
[Character] +1 Fitness 
(if Strength is 5 or higher)
[Character] Fitness Revealed 
(if Fitness increases)
[Character] Strength Revealed
[Character] +1 Morale


[He/She] doesn't win! In a blatant disregard for wrestling rules, the moose crushes [him/her] with its hooves.

[Character] -1 Morale
[Character] Strength Revealed
[Character] -2 Health (Fatal)

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