The Battle of Garbage Mountain is a Driving Event.

Event Text

The group spots an extra tall pile of garbage near some buildings. It's maybe over 12 feet tall. Littering got pretty bad near the collapse of civilization.

An Extra Large Can O' Baked Beans is stuck near the top of the pile. It shines like a beacon of hope.

  • Leave it alone
  • Climb garbage pile
  • Smash garbage pile
  • Eat garbage pile


Leave it alone

  • [Character] Strength increases
  • [Character] -1 Health
  • [Character] -2 Morale
  • +3 Food

Climb garbage pile

[Character] climbs the garbage pile! It collapses with him on it.

  • +1 Fitness
  • [Character] is HURT!

Garbage gets all over [Character]! It was worth it! It was all for the beans!

  • -1 Morale
  • +3 Food

Smash garbage pile

Eat garbage pile

[Character] eats some of the garbage pile! This jostles the can of beans at the top loose, without the whole pile coming down on him/her. What a delicious solution!

  • +1 Morale
  • +3 Food

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