The Lost Sneeze is a random driving event.

Event Text

[Character] really feels that [he/she] has to sneeze. This feeling drags on, but there is no sneeze. This may turn into one of those times a sneeze is lost! Combined with the pressures of the zombocalypse, this could break [Character]'s morale!

  • Try to sneeze
  • Smash self on nose
  • Snort spicy food (costs 2 food)
  • Snort animal dander (Available with a pet in the party)


Try to sneeze

[Character] can't sneeze on command! [He/she] loses the sneeze! It's very annoying!

[Character] -1 morale

Smash self on nose

[Character] smashes [his/her] nose on a wall.

It's an old trick! The blinding pain makes [Character] forget about the lost sneeze.

[Character] -1 health (Fatal)

Snort spicy food

[Character] opens up a bag of super spicy chips. [He/She] takes a big sniff. [Character] accidentally sneezes into the bag! [He/She] might as well eat the entire bag of chips now.

Lose 2 food

[Character] +1 morale

Snort animal dander

No gain/loss.

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