The Arcade is a Location that can be visited during the Always be Looting Event.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 5.24.38 PM

The Arcade has few supplies that can be found within it. The Arcade features gachapon prize machines that can be broken open for Food, Morale, or Fitness / Strength training.

All arcades have some playable arcade machines. There are about 2-3 that can be found within the location. Playing with the arcade machines will give the player a Morale boost and Shooting skill boost.

If the player has a high Mechanical skill, they are able to dismantle the arcade machines and siphon them for Gas.

Using the arcade machines will cause time to pass and in that time, zombies will spawn if you only have one character in your group.

It is advised that you have other group members around to guard the character interacting with the machines. If not guarded, he will have to defend himself and more zombies will spawn around the player.

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