The Sumo Wrestler is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited during an Event. He is depicted as a very fat topless man with a bun haircut.

The Sumo Wrestler has a strong empty-handed attack, but doesn't use Kung Fu. He has 3 inventory slots, and comes with nothing in his inventory.

When Sumo Wrestler is recruited his Strength and Fitness are revealed.

Sumo Wrestler will have a randomly selected name in-game.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is trying to find supplies and stumbles on a fortified martial arts dojo. Inside is a sumo wrestler. He explains that he's surviving, but he wants to travel. Everyone left his town quite awhile ago. Even before then, there wasn't a huge demand for sumo wrestler training on the east coast of the United States. I heard sumo is pretty big in Canada! Bigger than hockey!

Upon Recruitment

[Name] enters the car. The suspension goes really, really low on one side, but the car still manages to drive down the road.

If Party is full

[Name] appreciates the offer at first, but then it becomes really apparent that there's no way in hell that 5 people can fit into the car. Much less 4 people and a sumo wrestler. Replace someone?


[Name] reached the highest ranks in the beloved Canadian sport of Sumo Wrestling.

Special Abilities

The Sumo Wrestler uses a unique unarmed attack called "Sumo." It is slightly weaker than Kung Fu but has higher knockback and can attack up to two targets.


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