The Strength and Fitness Gym is a Location that can be visited during the Always be Looting Event.

The Strength and Fitness Gym will randomly contain either a treadmill or an Olympic weight, which can be used by any character once to increase Fitness or Strength, respectively. The results of training vary depending on the stats of the character the player is currently using.

All Strength and Fitness gyms will have dumbbells and weights scattered around the room, which can be picked up and thrown at zombies. There are also other exercise equipment, but only the equipment in the far back end of the room can be interacted with by the player.

The equipment can only be used once, and can't be reused by the same character or any other team member. Using the training equipment will cause time to pass and in that time, zombies will spawn if you only have one character in your group.

Interacting with the Olympic weight will initiate the I.T.B.A.B.Y.J.P mini event.

Interacting with the treadmill will initiate the ________ mini event.

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