Stat Combos are Stat combinations that are required in order to unlock certain options in dialogue and Events. These combos are named in such a way as to give an idea what the personality of the character is. Most combos can be acquired for Custom Characters through Traits. These guarantee the Stat Combos by setting the starting Stats accordingly.

Stat Combos Edit

Paranoid - Low Attitude + High Wits (Paranoid Trait)

Oblivious - High Attitude + Low Wits (Oblivious Trait)

Charming - High Attitude + High Wits (Charming Trait)

Grating - Low Attitude + Low Wits (Irritating Trait)

Asshole/Sociopath - Low Composure + Low Loyalty (Bandit Trait)

Angry-strong - Low Composure + High Strength (BERSERK! Trait)

Calm-shot - High Composure + High Shooting*

* Note: No perk allows Calm-shot combo to be available from creation however the Calm Under Fire Trait will provide high Composure and +1 Shooting meaning a complementary Perk like Gun Collector will allow the character to start close to this combo so less training is required.

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