The Skeleton Knight is a Trader who may be found in Trader Camps. He is a living, walking skeleton who may sell the player medieval or skeleton-themed weapons.

He will be found outdoors, surrounded by other non-living skeletons.

Encounter Text Edit

It's an animated skeleton, wearing plate armor.

"I also hate zombies. They're coated in skin and flesh. It's disgusting!

I'll sell you some of my spare weapons, if it pleaseth you."

Sells Gladius 15 Food , 5 Bomb Skulls 5 Food

Results Edit

[Character] says "COOL IT" (available with the "Irritating" or "Berserk" Traits)

[Character] tells the skeletal knight to COOL IT.


The heavily armed knight threatens to sent the group to the BONE ZONE. The group is forced to flee the trader camp!

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