Sir Boney or The Skeleton Knight is a rare Trader and recruitable Rare Character. He can be found and recruited at Trader Camps by telling him to "Cool it!!!" with full charge.

He is a skeleton wearing a full suit of plate armour, minus the helmet.

If he is recruited he will have 5 Vitality by default.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's an animated skeleton, wearing plate armor.

I also hate zombies. They're coated in skin and flesh. It's disgusting!

I'll sell you some of my spare weapons, if it pleaseth you.

Upon Recruitment

[Name] tells the skeletal knight to COOL IT.

His skull makes rapid creaking noises. Laughter?

I haven't heard a jape like that in ten centuries!


Sir Boney dug out a sweet monster-filled dungeon. It had orcs and goblins and traps. Nice!


  • Although not revealed Sir Boney will always join with 0 Loyalty.

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