Silent Guardian is a common driving event.

Event Text

A man in makeshift armor, made from athletic gear, is standing guard in the middle of a narrow wooden bridge on the road. He's wearing boxing gloves, staring forward at the car, silent as he blocks the way past.


  • Push him off bridge
  • Plow through with car
  • [CHARACTER]: Fight him one on one!


Push him off bridge

  • Character(s) take some damage and the car plow through him and car takes damage (50% chance). You push him off and nothing happens (50% chance)

Plow through with car

  • car takes some damage and man falls of the bridge

[CHARACTER]: Fight him one on one!

  • [CHARACTER] has high strength:

He gets tossed off of the bridge [CHARACTER]: +1 Morale


  • The 'man in makeshift armor, made from athletic gear' could possibly be a reference to the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly, who had made makeshift armor to fight the Australian police.

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