Silent Guardian is a common driving event.

Event Text

A man in makeshift armor, made from athletic gear, is standing guard in the middle of a narrow wooden bridge on the road. He's wearing boxing gloves, staring forward at the car, silent as he blocks the way past.


  • Push him off bridge
  • Plow through with car
  • [Character]: Fight him one on one! (Available if character has at least 6 Strength)
  • [Character]: Tell him to COOL IT


Push him off bridge

**If party has low average Strength and Fitness**

The group gets out of the car and tries to push the bridge guard off the bridge.

It's no use! The armored man just socks the group with his boxing gloves!

  • [Party] -1 Health (fatal)
  • Player is forced to plow through

**If party has high average Strength and Fitness**

  • You push him off and nothing happens

Plow through with car

The group just ignores the armored man standing in the bridge and crashes right through. THUNK!

The car gets through, but takes some damage.

  • Car's chassis is damaged

[Character]: Fight him one on one!

[Character] charges right at the sports-gear armored man, tackles him at the waist, and tosses him over the bridge. SPASH!

[Character]: COOL IT! [Character[ stands at the edge of the bridge and yells at the bridge guard to COOL IT.

The armored man continues staring straight forward. It's not clear if he even heard [Character].

[Character]: COOL IT!!! (full charge)

Entirely untested. Whoops!


  • The 'man in makeshift armor, made from athletic gear' could possibly be a reference to the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly, who had made makeshift armor to fight the Australian police.