Shiny Garage is a driving event.

Event Text

The group finds a still shiny car garage. The sign says 'CARLZ CUSTOMZ'.

They find some gas and some mysterious car parts.

Get gas

  • Car repair and tune up
  • Drive away
  • Repair and attempt mod for 3 days


Car repair and tune up

High mechanical (3+)

  • [Character] tries to repair the car in the hope it foes a little further before breaking down, The repairs take a good part of the day, and are very difficult.

The car has seen better days. The car looks undamaged!

  • Character's mechanical increases.
  • The group eats a decent meal.

Low mechanical


Drive away


Repair and attempt mod for 3 days

High mechanical (?)

  • [Character] spends a few days in the garage. She tries to figure out the weird parts.

She installs them. It was a ROCKET BOOSTER!

  • (The group eats three meals.)

Low mechaincal


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