The Roller Derby Girl is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited during an Event. She is a lady dressed in a pink and black dress with a matching helmet.

She is found skating around a roller rink killing zombies - when recruited she joins with a Wrench and a Baseball Bat.

Her Strength and Fitness Stats are revealed upon joining.

She is able to walk slightly faster than normal.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group stumbles onto an abandoned rollerskating rink. Inside is a woman zipping around on skates as a zombie lurches towards her. The zombie isn't gaining any ground.

She does a little twirl and then splatters the zombie with a wrench, never stumbling as she resumes her skating.

Upon Recruitment

[Name] agrees to join, as long as she's able to smash things to her heart's content.

If Party is full

[Name] suggests that you let her tie a rope to the bumper of the car, and she can just hold onto it as you drive. That way, car space won't be an issue.

That is a terrible idea. Kick someone out to make room?


"That was easy! Rollerderby's more dangerous."

[Name] founded the Mountie Rollerskating Division, feared by all evil-doers.

Special Abilities

Roller Derby Girl moves slightly faster than standard survivors.


  •  Roller Derby is a full contact sport where two teams race around a roller rink. The sport is predominantly played by females and players in popular culture are often portrayed as quite tough and capable individuals.

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