The Rifle Ammo Seller is a Trader that can be located within the Trader Camp. She offers to sell Rifle Rounds for Food at a ratio of 6:1.

A total of 15 Food can be traded before the Rifle Ammo Seller runs out.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The Group runs into someone selling extra rifle ammo. She says she's frugal with ammo, often killing multiple zombies in one shot.

She offers to give 6 rifle ammo per food item she gets.

Rob the Trader

The Group's robbery attempt ends up messy. The seller has two loaded assault rifles. She fires them wildly, one in each hand, spraying ammo everywhere.


  • If you're too lazy to do the math here's how many rounds you get per transaction:
    • 15 Food = 90 Rounds
    • 10 Food = 60 Rounds
    • 5 Food = 30 Rounds

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