Resources are supplies used by the player's party while traveling. There are 6 types of resources; three travel resources and three battle resources.

Travel resources


Food is used once per in-game day by your group. Each human survivor in your group eats a maximum of 2 food per day, while Pets only eat 1 (as of testing branch 07/01/17).

Having your survivors eat the maximum amount of food will result in them having a decent meal. Decent meals will cause Morale to raise to a maximum of two.

When there is not enough food for your group to have a decent meal, your group can eat half as much (1 food per survivor) although their morale will decrease. If there is no food available morale will drop significantly.

Food is also the currency of the post-apocalyptic world due to its scarcity and can be used to buy weapons, supplies, and skill training from traders.


Medical supplies are used by survivors to treat wounds. The number of medical supplies needed to heal a wound depends on the Medical skill of the survivor who uses them.

With a medical skill of six, only one supply of medical is needed per wound healed. A character with Maximum medical can also "improvise" to heal wounds if no medical supplies are left.


Gasoline is used by Vehicles. A certain amount is used every unit of time depending on the type of the car.

Larger and faster cars will use more gas than smaller and slower cars.

Gasoline can also be used by some weapons as ammunition.

Battle resources

Battle resources consist of the three types of Ammunition (pistol bullets, rifle rounds, and shotgun shells). See the Ammunition page for more info.

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