Reluctant Bandits is a common Walking Event that can be encountered if the party is without a Vehicle. This event occurs more frequently if the game is set to a harder Game Mode. The event features additional options for characters with certain Stat Combos.

The demands of the Bandits will vary depending on what the party has available, as well as the difficulty of the current Game Mode.

Event Text

Without a car, The group is a sitting duck for bandits.

The group is ambushed by awkward bandits that apologize for the robbery. They are likely new at this.

They demand:


(Food > 4) the remainder of your food, and a quarter of your ammo and medical supplies. - Low Toll

(Otherwise) all your extra gas, and half of your ammo and medical supplies! - Bad Toll


(Food > 4) the remainder of your food, and half of your ammo and medical supplies. - Low Toll

(Otherwise) all of your ammo, medical supplies, and extra gas tanks! - Bad Toll

  • Give in to bandit demands
  • Refuse and fight!
  • [Paranoid Character] expected this
  • [Charming Character] reasons with them


Give in to bandit demands

The group decides to play it safe. They give into the bandits' demands.

Low Toll

[Whole Party] -1 Morale
[Party] Demanded supplies lost

Bad Toll

[Whole Party] -2 Morale
[Party] Demanded supplies lost


Refuse and fight!

The group knows that every single one of their supplies are essential for their chances of reaching Canada. So they fight.


[Whole Party] -1 Health (lethal)


[Whole Party] -2 Health (lethal) 
(35% chance of taking 1 damage instead)


[Oblivious,low wit, or mysterious past character] "What did you say"?!?

The bandits are VERY INTIMIDATED by [character], and flee. [Character] didn't know what happened. As it turns out, they just didn't hear the bandits.

[random party member] +1 morale

[Paranoid Character] expected this

[Character] foresaw an ambush, so [he/she] set [his/her] plans up shortly before the bandits appeared.

[Character] Wits Revealed
[Character] Attitude Revealed
[Whole Party] +1 Morale


[Charming Character] reasons with them

[Character] convinces the bandits to not go through with the attack. They didn't want to, anyway.

Food > 4

Feeling pity, [Character] gives them some food.

[Party] -5 Food

Food < 5

[Character] wants to help them, but can't spare much.

[Character] -1 Morale

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