Books and magazines.

Reading material refers to any book or magazine that can be picked up during looting missions that will offer stat boosts.

Books found while looting will be utilized by the entire party to improve their skills. One can always be found in a bookstore, but may otherwise be randomly found in houses and other buildings. The Rare Book Trader is able to offer all five books, and two additional books that teach abilities usually limited to certain perks, in exchange for food.

Magazines, unlike books, can only be read by one survivor in the party, as they are made of a cheaper material that easily smudges. Magazines are most often located in bathrooms. Additionally, they are not sold anywhere.

Stat Book Title Magazine Title
Strength Complete Guide to Lifting SWOLE
Fitness 1001 Exercises Anywhere Cool Runnings
Shooting The Science of Shooting Modern Hunter
Medical Moron's Guide to Surgery Medicine Today
Mechanical The Handyman's Bible Cars-N-Gadgets