Ranting Man is a rare Driving Event.

Event Text

The group is ambushed by a yelling man. He's ranting and raving! He doesn't look particularly dangerous, but those rants are starting to sizzle.

  • Fight him!
  • Run away!
  • [Character] SAY IT, DON'T SPRAY IT!
  • [Character] Listen to him.
  • [Character] Ignore him completely.
  • [Character] Knock him out.



[Character] interrupts the man's rants to tell him to SAY IT, DON'T SPRAY IT!

Oh looks like we got a heckler! He blasts [Character] with a DEVASTATINGLY INSIGHTFUL RANT! The butt-blasting makes a small shockwave!

  • [Character] -4 Morale
  • [Character] -1 health


*Only if Cool It fully charged

  • [Group] +3 Morale
  • George, offers to join the party.


*With Charming/Civilized trait

[Character] listens to the ranting man and tries to reason with him.  The man calms down, and explains that he thought the group were bandits!

  • [Character] +1 Morale

*If any character in the team has low loyalty and composure/the Bandit trait you will get this special text:

[Character Name] Shows Him They Are Bandits!

  • No penalty for low loyalty characters in party
  • -1 morale for high loyalty characters in party
  • Gain random supplies

Ignore him completely

*With Oblivious trait

[Character] doesn't acknowledge the ranting man at all.  He gets so confused by this that he becomes quiet and wanders off.

[Character] wasn't paying attention the whole time, and gets more drawn into his/her own little world.

  • [Character] Wits revealed
  • [Character] Wits -1
  • [Character] Attitude revealed
  • [Character] Attitude +1


  • [Whole party] -1 health


The group runs away! The cantankerous man chases them for quite awhile, delivering some SIZZLING RANTS before the group loses him.

  • [Party] Morale decreases -2

[Character] Knock him out.

*Angry-Strong combo

Instead of being surprised by the ambush, [Character] rushes at the man as he's ranting and knocks him out. He doesn't even get time to react.

  • [Character] Morale increases +1

*If [Character] has low loyalty, you will get this special text below:

[Character] seizes the opportunity to steal his stuff!

  • Random amount of food, gas, medical, pistol/rifle/shotgun ammo.