Quiet Town is a common event.

Event Text

It's so quiet here. There's no signs of life or unlife. It seems like everyone took what they could and evacuated this town immediately.

  • Scavenge town thoroughly
  • Loot Quickly
  • Rest for a day
  • Rest for 3 days


Scavenge thoroughly

  • -1 health for a random party member (can kill)
    • If a character with Paranoid is in the party, no damage will be taken.
  • + random loot (for example: 15 bullets, 4 food, 2 medical supplies)

Loot quickly

  • + some random supplies (usually bullets)

Rest for a day

  • group eats a meal, rests (removes tired status)
  • +1 morale

Rest for 3 Days

  • Group eats 3 meals
  • +morale

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