Prices So Low They're Free is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada. The party is presented with the option to swap out their car with a different one.

Event Text


[Character] finds a used car lot that seems untouched by time, or at least not touched by looters.

They find a supply of gasoline, and a few working cars!

GET gas → +55

  • Swap to SUV
  • Swap to Big Van
  • Swap to Classic Car
  • Swap to Muscle Car
  • Swap to Tiny Car
  • Swap to Electric Car
  • Keep car, drive away



Swap to Classic Car

[Character] gets a new used car!

They don't make them like this anymore! This older model car is built real sturdy. It's also easy to repair but has slightly worse gas mileage.

Swap to Muscle Car

[Character] gets a new used car!

Muscle cars like this have slightly worse gas mileage than average and break down fast. They're easy to repair and very fast, take it off a sweet jump!

Swap to Tiny Car

[Character] gets a new used car!

Smaller cars have good gas mileage. They're also fragile. Don't crash them into anything!

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