The Polearm Pal is a Trader who can be found in Trader Camps. He can sell the party various homemade Weapons.

Weapons that can be sold include the Pitchfork (3 food), Homemade/Tactical Spear (9 food), Stick Boot (6 food), and Bardiche (25 food). If you go to him with less than 3 food he gives you a Pool Cue for free.

If you tell him to Cool It!!! with the text flashing, he'll give your party a Bardiche.

Encounter Text

The group meets a man wielding a homemade spear. Despite being a knife tied to a stick, it seems like it would be a really effective weapon.

Nothing beats polearms for zombie hunting!

Buy a Tactical Spear

The group buys a spear the trader made.

This is the latest model in zombie spearing design! Very easy to use. Very tactical. The leverage also makes it take about half the effort to attack with compared to most other weapons!

[Character] robs the trader (available if the character has the Bandit Trait)

The polearm trader twirls his spear around and then throws it right into [Character]! Nice! Free spear!

[Character] tells them to COOL IT (available if the character has the Irritating or BERSERK! Trait)

[Character] tells the polearm trader to COOL IT.

He is not pleased by this at all. He starts twirling his spear in an aggressive manner. The group is forced to flee the trading camp!