The Pipebomb Supplier is a Trader that can be found in Trader Camps. They sell varying quantities of Pipebomb.

The Pipebomb supplier is described as a generally unstable lunatic. He appears to be strapped in explosives and isn't afraid to use them if threatened. They give a free Pipebomb if you interact with them when you have under 5 food.


Upon Encounter

The Group finds a twitchy man selling homemade bombs. He's wearing a bulky coat with lumps bulging out from underneath.



Upon buying bombs

The group buys [X] pipebombs.

**With Charming Character**

The trader gives [Character] an extra pipebomb in an extremely awkward attempt at either flirting or friendliness. It's hard to say for sure.

[Character]: COOL IT (successful)

[Character] tells the pipebomb guy to COOL IT.

He interprets this as [Character] playing hardball with the trade. "NO! TAKE MY BOMBS! FREE SAMPLES!"

He gives them 20 pipebombs! That's a massive amount!


  • The crates around him are even less stable. If one is struck, it will wiggle around before exploding, similarly to a propane tank. This can set off the others near him. And kill him. And other merchants. And your party, too. This won't get you thrown out of the trader camp (although if it kills the other traders, there's little point in staying ... )