Pets are a type of Character that can be encountered and recruited in Death Road to Canada. Pets are similar to normal characters in a number of ways. They have their own set of Stat values and will have their own hidden Perk / Trait. Pets don't usually talk but are somewhat comically capable of replying to people under certain circumstances while on the road.

Unlike humans, pets will always begin with 2 Vitality, 4 Agility, and a single inventory slot. This means they are much speedier but take one less hit than usual. Pets have their own unique unarmed attack which does decent damage similar to 'boxing' or 'unarmed' (see Perks). Pets only consume one Food per day instead of two.

Pets have their own unique Despair Events. Most times this involves hurting or outright killing other party members.



Breeds of Dog available in-game.

Dogs have been included in the game since its release.

Dogs can be found at Pet Shops or randomly on the road. Characters with the Friend of Dog perk increase the chance of meeting a dog. Feral dogs can also be found at some locations, but they are not able to be recruited unless you have the Friend Of Dog perk.

Their special ability allows them to 'bark' which annoys nearby Zombies and causes them to chase after you much like honking a car horn, or firing a gun.

Multiple different breeds of dog are available within the game but are purely cosmetic and do not impact stats in any way.

Dogs get a special unarmed attack called Claw which is stronger than a standard unarmed attack.

If a Dog is the only survivor left in a party they will become a 'Super Dog' and continue to Canada on their own. 'Super dogs' can use weapons, and receive a number of other benefits.



Breeds of Cat available in-game.

Cats were added to the game in a patch towards the end of 2016.

Like dogs, they have a variety of different breeds and coloration which do not impact stats. They have an unarmed attack unique to them called Fierce Claws. This is stronger than the standard Claw move that dogs get.

Unlike dogs however, Cats do not get a special ability. Additionally when a cat is the only survivor left in a party they will not continue the trip to Canada and instead wander off.

Cats are generally more dangerous. If a Despair Event happens as the result of a Cat's Morale dropping too low, they are guaranteed to kill or do damage to the other party member.

Goats Edit


Finding a Goat in-game.

Goats can occasionally be found at Trader Camps. They can be recruited to join the party, but may hurt the person trying to recruit them if their Composure is too low.

Goats have a unique Hoof attack, which is stronger than both the Claws and Fierce Claws attacks (done by dogs and cats, respectively). They will also bleat several different noises while attacking enemies.

Like cats, if a Despair Event happens, the goat may do damage to another party member. They will not continue the trip to Canada if all other members of the party have died.

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