Pet Attack is a Despair Event that can only occur when a Pet drops too low in Morale. In-game the word 'Pet' will be replaced with 'Dog' or 'Cat' appropriately.

Event Text

[Pet 1] snaps, seemingly out of nowhere, and mauls [Character 2] in a flurry of [snarl/hiss]ing and [teeth/claws].


[Pet 1] is a Dog

Realizing what [he/she] did, the Dog flees and never returns.

[Character 2] -2 Health (Lethal)

[Pet 1] is a Cat

The Cat doesn't seem guilty about this murder. In fact, [he/she] seems very pleased with [him/her]self.

[Character 2] is Killed
[Pet 1] +4 Morale

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