Panda is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited while scavenging in a Suburb. She can be coaxed into joining your team through risking Food, health, or by charming it.

Upon joining the party the Panda will reveal her Loyalty, Attitude, Strength, and Fitness stats. Loyalty and Attitude can vary in value.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's a panda, standing around the trashed building. It stares at [Character] with a blank expression. It may be possible to get it to follow you...

WARNING: Will probably kill you unless you're offering it food. Is a dingus with 50% chance to waste your food.

Pull the Panda along

[Character] pulls the panda towards [him/her] in hopes that the animal follows. It seems like it's worth a shot.

Success - The panda seems to want to follow [Character].

Failure - The panda lashes out!

Lure it with food

[Character] offers the panda some food.

Success - The panda seems to want to follow [Character].

Failure - The panda chomps on the food and then spits it out. Pandas are picky eaters, but you can keep trying with more food.

Coax it with charm

Character has 'Friend of Dog' Perk - [Character] uses [his/her] DOG PSYCHOLOGY on the panda, which is a type of dog.

Character has 'Charming' perk - [Character] uses [his/her] natural charm to coax the panda to follow.

All other times - The panda just seems irritated by [Character]. The panda lashes out!


Panda was put in a zoo after everyone realized she was a real panda.

Special Abilities

Panda has a special unarmed attack called 'Fierce Claw' which is 50% stronger than most light weapons. She shares this unarmed attack with Cats and Bogan.

Her Strength is also above the standard cap by default.


  • Panda is indicated to be female in the game files.

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