The Ouchie Spray is a 'weapon' that can be used as an alternative method of healing. Unlike the other medical supplies, Ouchie Spray can be used while looting. They can be stacked in a player's inventory up to 3, but multiple cannot be combined. When used, a light blue cloud will come out a short distance away, and the first person from your team who walks through it will have one health healed. One can be commonly found in a clinic or hospital during Always be Looting events.

Ouchie spray can be incredibly useful if the player has a lack of skilled medics in their party; survivors with low medical skill can use up to four medical supplies for one hit point healed. Ouchie Spray, on the other hand, can save up to 12 medical supplies in that instance. Preferably, it should be used during trader camp visits where there is a lack of danger. Or, oppositely, when a teammate is damaged in a siege or dangerous scavenging mission and might not make it at less than full health.

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