The Ominous Labs is a rare ABL location that is laid out like an office building and contains a little food and a safe. In one room in the labs there is a strange machine which, along with increasing both Strength and Fitness by 1, can have the following effects if you put someone into it:

  • Turns person into a Supertrained dog and sets their Loyalty to 6.
  • Turns person into a clumsy dog.
  • Turns person into a dogtaur, a human with the body of a dog.
  • Turns a dog into a dogman, a dog with the body of a human.
  • Changes the person's gender and scrambles their personality.
  • Decreases the person's head size, wits and shooting.
  • Increases the person's head size, wits and shooting.
  • Increases the person's vitality and increases their body size.
  • Increases the person's dexterity.
  • Splices the character with fly DNA, replacing either their head or their body with that of a fly's and granting them the Claw attack.
  • Makes a character bald and decreases their morale.
  • Cause a dog to lose their hair.

Turning a Rare Character into a dog will unlock any undroppable weapons in their first slot. This will open them up for use by any party member. Any undroppable weapons in the second or third slot are lost.

Encounter Text

The group drives past an office complex. The sign says OMNI-BIO-CORP LABS, which sounds way too evil to be a real company.