The Ominous Labs is a rare always be looting location that is laid out like an office building and contains a little food and a safe. In one room in the labs there is a strange machine which can have the following effects if you put someone into it.

  • Turns person into a dog and increases their strength and fitness.
  • Turns person into a dog-o-taur, a half man half dog hybrid and increases their strength and fitness.
  • Changes the person's gender and increases their strength and fitness as well as scrambles their personality.
  • Decreases the person's wits and shooting but increases their strength and fitness.
  • Increase the person's strength, fitness, and vitality.
  • Splices the character with fly DNA and will increase the character strength and fitness
  • Will make character bald and increase their strength, fitness and decrease their moral.
  • If a dog enters the machine it will cease to work and make them lose their hair
    • +1 strength; and
    • +1 fitness

Encounter Text

The group drives past an office complex. The sign says OMNI-BIO-CORP LABS, which sounds way too evil to be a real company.