Old Campground is a Camping Event. The group has the option to eat some marshmallows left by previous campers.

Event Text

The group finds an abandoned campground with a fire pit. [Character] even finds an old, somewhat stale extra-large pack of marshmallows!

  • Eat Marshmallows
  • Tell Stories


Eat Marshmallows

The group sets up camp, then eats a huge bag of marshmallows instead of eating dinner. There's even some left over!

[Party] +2 Food
[Party] No Food consumed for daily upkeep


Tell Stories


[Character] swaps stories with pals and it's a very morale-boosting team-building experience despite everyone else being imaginary.
[Character] forgets all about the marshmallows, and they get left behind!

[Character] +3 Morale


The group swaps stories about themselves. They learn a lot about each other, but forget all about the marshmallows!

[Whole Party] Composure Revealed
[Whole Party] Attitude Revealed
[Whole Party] Wits Revealed
[Whole Party] Loyalty Revealed

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