Octodad is a recruitable Rare Character based on the protagonist from the popular Octodad Game Series. Much like in the Octodad Games he resembles an orange octopus in a blue suit, with a white shirt and red tie.

When Octodad is added to the team it takes him a long time to get into the vehicle. A party member with low composure or attitude may be revealed and take a morale hit from this.

Attempting to recruit Octodad while already having a full party will not result in the usual text informing you that your party is already full and presenting you with the choice of kicking one of your party members or leaving him behind, but rather will result in Octodad managing to squeeze in the car, only to be tragically pushed out through a window after a few minutes.

Much like in the Octodad Game Series, Octodad does not speak but rather makes 'blubbing' sounds which people are somehow able to interpret.

Octodad's name in-game will be one of 5 options:

  • *blub*
  • *burble*
  • *bluub*
  • New Guy
  • Recruit

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group finds a rather nondescript survivor in an abandoned aquarium. He seems like a friendly person. On closer inspection, he's carrying a Claymore with him and a huge sack of supplies!

Upon Recruitment

It takes [Octodad] about 15 minutes to open the car door, get in the car, and put his seatbelt on. During this the claymore and supplies get dropped into a nearby toilet and are unrecoverable.

If Party is full

The new recruit turns out to be rather compact, and squeezes into the car! [Name] joins the team!

Later, while driving down the highway, he somehow flies out the window in a freak accident, along with the weapon and supplies he brought with him. [Name] leaves the team!

Special Abilities

Octodad has a vitality value of one, and as such is only able to take a single hit before dying. This can only be increased if he is able to boost his vitality via an Event.

He also has a higher cap to his morale stat, able to go one point over the maximum.


  • Octodad's encounter and recruitment text is a funny nod to the control scheme of the Octodad games - In which the player must control and move each appendage one by one. This often leads to comical misdemeanors and wasted time attempting to navigate simple terrain.
    • This is reinforced by the fact Octodad is seen with what is arguably the best weapon in the game and a large stash of supplies only to have it be lost in a toilet during transit to the vehicle.
  • When Octodad is first encountered the title of the message box states 'Normal Person.' This is in reference to the fact that in the game series nobody except the antagonist of the Octodad games can tell he's actually an Octopus.
  • It is not revealed but Octodad will always have 0 Fitness and Strength.

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