No More Creepypastas is a Camping Event. The party can tell some spooky stories to unwind at the campfire.

Event Text Edit

The group is sitting around a campfire, resting before a brutal day tomorrow.

  • Tell Scary Stories
  • Just go to sleep

Outcomes Edit

Tell Scary Stories Edit

[Character] decides to tell scary stories!

Solo Edit

But it turns out that [Character] was alone, TELLING THE SCARY STORIES TO GHOSTS!

[Character] +3 Morale

Group Edit

[Character] makes his scary story about [THING]!

[Whole Party] +2 Morale

The group has fun, but doesn't get enough sleep and is tired the next day.

[Whole Party] Tired


Just go to sleep Edit

Nothing Happens

Trivia Edit

  • This is a full list of things the party can tell stories about:
    • "GOBLINS!!!!"
    • "SKELETONS!!"
    • "BAD SMELLS!"
    • "HUGE FARTS!"
    • "DIARRHEA!!!"
    • "TINY GHOSTS!"
    • "A TURTLE!!!"
    • "MEAN CATS!!"
    • "CAR REPAIR!"
    • "YAPPY DOGS!"
    • "GOBLINS!!"

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