More Valuable Than Gold is a Driving Event. The party find a sheet of Toilet paper and must decide what to do with this valuable commodity.

If the party consists of only one Character then 'Share' will instead say 'Use'.

Event Text

The Group finds a PRISTINE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER while scavenging. Toilet Paper was the first thing to run out after the apocalypse. There's still tons of canned food and ammo left in America. Decent butt paper was used up fast.

This is the rarest resource possible. CHOOSE WISELY

  • Share this precious gift
  • Trade it away ASAP


Share this precious gift


[Character] realizes that this roll of toilet paper is a treasure that must not be given away.

[Character] +4 Morale
[Party] +1 Cardboard Tube


Outcome is based on the average Loyalty level of the whole party.

Average < 2

It doesn't take them long to be erupt into a huge fight! The situation descends into an all-out brawl. The toilet paper ends up getting torn apart by accident!

[Whole Party] -3 Morale
[Party] +1 Cardboard Tube
Average < 4

There's some inevitable fighting from having to share the TP, but the group manages to overcome their differences.

[Whole Party] +2 Morale
[Party] +1 Cardboard Tube
Average > 3

The group joins forces around the toilet paper, mutually protecting it. Even after the TP is gone, the cardboard tube becomes a symbol for the group's unity.

[Whole Party] +4 Morale
[Party] +1 Cardboard Tube


Trade it away ASAP

The group decides to sell the roll of toilet paper as soon as possible. It's not worth carrying something THAT valuable around!

[Whole Party] +1 Morale

50% Chance

A settlement buys the roll of TP for 20 food! Not bad!

[Party] +20 Food

25% Chance

A shrewd merchant buys the TP for 12 food. Can't complain!

[Party] +12 Food

25% Chance

A VERY interested party buys the TP for 30 food!

[Party] +30 Food

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